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SDS Services

Cogwork Consulting Group offers the best-in-class SDS services for our clients. By partnering with us, you gain our experience, knowledge, and reliability with Safety Data Sheet authoring, maintenance, auditing, and review. Our skilled and experienced team provides quick turn-around times and assistance with your compliance needs. Save money and time while avoiding the headaches of ensuring your company is compliant with all the various regulatory agencies by letting us handle your Safety Data Sheet and other compliance needs.

Safety data sheet review

Example SDS Review

Cogwork Consulting Group provides a complementary service to review an existing safety data sheet to determine if the document is compliant with applicable loss. We conduct a full review with provided legal citations on the hazard identification, composition, first aid measures, firefighting measures, accidental release measures, handling and storage, exposure controls, chemical properties, stability and reactivity, tax a logical information, ecological information, disposal considerations, transport information, and applicable regulatory information. Your labels are just as important as your SDS. Let us review your labeling for compliance.

Safety data sheet Authoring

Companies that manufacture and package chemicals are legally required to provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for their products. We employ regulation compliance experts who generate GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the required language for use in the country of your choice. Translation isn’t enough when it comes to documents and labels. Our staff of localization experts will ensure everything is translated correctly and is correct in context. Different markets have different laws. We’ve helped our customers export to over 10 different countries. We follow all country-specific GHS regulations to create compliant Safety Data Sheets for your product with the most up-to-date information available.

Complete Compliance Management

Regulations, laws, and international transportation requirements are constantly changing. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), labels, boxes, and websites are constantly being modified to come in compliance with some new law. Our team is here to handle all your company’s compliance needs so you can focus on other parts of your business more.

We’d love to handle all your compliance needs from start to finish. We’ll work with your teams to provide meaningful feedback on compliance issues as early as the design stage and we’ll work with your teams as we furnish everything from the Safety Data Sheets, Labels, and other compliance-related demands your business simply doesn’t have the time to handle. We’ll do it all for you!

Partner with us on your Compliance needs